Caption: Hong Kong Steak and Chicken Shanghai Noodles

Consider Chinese catering for your next party, business meeting, or large event!

We deliver promptly. It’s best to reserve by phone. Call (248) 375-9200 one day to a week ahead of time for large parties, although we can also supply orders called in an hour or two ahead of time.

All food is brought hot, so there is no need to warm it up. We bring disposable trays, plates, cups, and utensils, so there is no need to return items. We will unpack and setup if needed.

We have catering either priced per person or priced by the tray. Small trays (3 1/2 quarts) serve 5-8 people and large trays (8 quarts) serve 10-16 people.

Party Catering

$7.50 per person (minimum 5 people). Includes Vegetable Egg Rolls, Chicken Fried Rice, and Steamed Rice. Plastic wares, plates, etc. are also included. (10 people and up–choose any 5 items.)

  1. Almond Boneless Chicken
  2. Cashew Chicken
  3. Chicken Chop Suey
  4. General Tao Chicken (spicy)
  5. Sesame Chicken
  6. Curry Chicken (Spicy Thai Style)
  7. Szechuen Chicken (Spicy)
  8. Orange Chicken (Spicy)
  9. Chicken Lo Mein
  10. Chicken and Shanghai Noodle
  11. Sweet and Sour Chicken
  12. Sweet and Sour Pork
  13. Gai Kew (Stir-Fried chicken with Mixed Vegetables)

All other dishes on our carry-out menu are also available. The same price of $7.50 per person is for all vegetarian or chicken dishes, an additional $1.00 per person for beef dishes, and an additional $1.50 per person for shrimp dishes. Non-alchoholic beverages are $2.50 for 2 liters (including cups.)


    • Party Trays

      The Large Tray is 8 quarts serving 10-16 people. The Small Tray is 3 1/2 quarts serving 5-8 people.

    • Fried Rice (Vegetable, Chicken, or Roast Pork)

      3.5 Qt $25.00 8 Qt $50.00
    • Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork

      3.5 Qt $27.50 8 Qt $60.00
    • Almond Boneless Chicken

      3.5 Qt $27.50 8 Qt $60.00
    • General Tao Chicken (Spicy)

      3.5 Qt $27.50 8 Qt $60.00
    • Sesame Chicken

      3.5 Qt $27.50 8 Qt $60.00
    • Gai Kew (Chicken and Vegetable)

      3.5 Qt $30.00 8 Qt $65.00
    • Steak Kew (Steak and Vegetables)

      3.5 Qt $35.00 8 Qt $70.00
    • Lo Mein (Soft Noodles with Chicken or Roast Pork or Vegetables)

      3.5 Qt $25.00 8 Qt $50.00