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(These authentic Chinese Cuisine choices are a supplement to the lunch, dinner menus, and carry-out menus)

Served with Soup, Hot Tea, White Rice or Brown Rice.

Dine in:  Lunch $7.75   Dinner $13.25 (with ice cream dessert)

Carry Out: Pint $7.25,  Quart $12.50, Combo $8.00 (with fried rice & egg roll)

Caption: R. Beef with Broccoli and Sweet Walnut Chicken

L. Authentic Chinese Menu



  • AC 1 – Beef Chow Fun–Most popular Cantonese rice noodle dish in Hong Kong. Tender beef stir-fried with strips of vegetable, bean sprout, and chives in special soy sauce.
  • AC 2 – Seafood Pan Fried Noodle–A thin Chinese egg noodle, pan-fried to golden brown, topped with a mouth watering sauce and scallop, shrimp, crab meat, lobster meat and Chinese vegetable.
  • AC 3 – Singapore Vermicille–Special kind of rice noodle stir-fried with curry, chicken, shrimp, roast pork, strip of vegetable, and bean sprouts.
  • AC 4 – Fried Fillet in Hot Pot–Fish fillet with bean curd, Chinese mushroom & vegetables in ginger sauce.
  • AC 5 – Sauteed Spicy Shrimps–Deep fried shrimps sauteed with spicy salt and served over bed of crispy rice noodles. Substitute squid or fish fillet.
  • AC 6 – Beef Stew in Hot Pot–Chinese style beef stew with fried beancake, fresh beancurd, Chinese mushroom, and vegetables stewed in hot pot.
  • AC 7 – Steamed Fish Fillet–With ginger and onion in special soy sauce.
  • AC 8 – Assorted Seafood in Hot Pot–Assorted seafood with fresh beancake, Chinese mushroom and vegetables in hot pot.
  • AC 9 – Stir-Fry Fish Fillet–With peapods, Chinese mushroom, ginger, and onion.
  • AC 10 – Burbon Chicken–Broiled boneless chicken with tasty wine sauce.
  • AC 11 – Fish in Spicy Sauce–Sliced fish with fresh bean cake, bean curd, peapod, napa in spicy sauce.
  • AC 12 – Sauteed Soy Sauce Noodle–Thin Egg Noodle sauteed with Chinese Mushroom, chives, strip of vegetable and bean sprouts in special soy sauce.
  • AC 14 – Beef Tender over Chinese Broccoli–Sauteed tender beef on top of fresh Chinese broccoli.
  • AC 15 – Young Chow Fried Rice–Chinese style fried rice with roast pork, shrimp, pea, and green beans.
  • AC 16 – Sweet Walnut Shrimps–Lightly breaded shrimp with sweet walnut and tasty sweet sauce.
  • AC 17 – Chicken Strips with Teriyaki Sauce–Slightly breaded chicken with teriyaki sauce, topped with sesame, and crowned with broccoli.
  • AC 18 – Garlic Flavor Chicken–Lightly breaded chicken strips stir-fried with minced garlic and onions.
  • AC 19 – Sweet Walnut Chicken–Fried chicken strips with with sweet walnuts and tasty sweet sauce.
  • AC 20 – Seafood Delight–Lightly breaded lobster, shrimp, krab meat, scallops and breaded fillet with vegetables in brown sauce served on sizzling platter.
  • AC 21 – Oceania Special Chow Mein–Lobster shrimp and chicken with mixed vegetables over pan-fried noodles. Lo Mein is also available.